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Warm welcome

at Biehl fire protection in Schwollen!

We are a family business that has been dedicated to fire safety for more than 35 years.

Our activities extend far beyond the borders of Schwollen to all parts of Germany. This is also illustrated by our references .

In addition to major customers and their branches, our customers also include real estate companies and property management companies, municipal and district administrations, schools and public buildings, fire brigades, old people’s and nursing homes as well as architects and builders. Of course, we also check “grandma’s fire extinguisher” or install a smoke detector on site.

In addition to fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, the maintenance of smoke and heat extraction systems, fire protection doors and hold-open systems, wall hydrants and extinguishing water separation stations as well as fire protection work are focal points of our activities . Of course, we also carry out the corresponding maintenance and commissioning.

Biehl Feuerschutz stands for experience, competence, quality and reliability. We still do our work with passion and conscientiousness.

In addition to numerous fire protection products, you will also find a lot of interesting information about fire protection on our website.

We are particularly proud of our personalized fire extinguishers , which enhance/give a special accent to every household through their originality.

According to our motto “We burn for you, we can extinguish everything else”, we wish you a lot of fun on our site.

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