Worth knowing about wall hydrants

water march!

Wall hydrants are water extraction points in buildings that are intended for the first firefighting by laypersons.

The ease of use of these devices should enable everyone to fight a fire quickly and effectively until the fire brigade arrives, because in the event of a fire, the first few minutes are crucial in order to prevent the fire from spreading and causing major damage to property.

Depending on the extent, the fire brigade can either use the dimensionally stable pressure hose DN 25 (1″) EN 694 with Euro jet pipe EN 671 or fire brigade flat hoses C-42 or C-52 with a multi-purpose jet pipe CM DIN 14365 on the hose connection valve for further fire fighting of the wall hydrant.

The flow rate is therefore fixed at 100 l/min per hose connection valve. Wall hydrants are connected to the structurally installed extinguishing water pipes.

risers / extinguishing water pipes

Risers are water pipes used by the fire brigade to transport extinguishing water in order to avoid the time-consuming laying of fire hoses.

With extinguishing water pipes, a distinction is made between:

  1. riser “wet”
    Pipes are filled with water and are therefore always ready for operation.
  2. riser “wet / dry”
    Lines are only filled with extinguishing water by remote control in the event of a fire.
  3. riser “dry”
    Lines are only filled with extinguishing water by the fire brigade in the event of a fire and are thus put into operation.

According to DIN 1988-6, fire-fighting water lines must be dimensioned in such a way that if the fire brigade uses 3 wall hydrants at the same time, a fire-fighting water volume of 100 l/min each. (18 m³/h) can be removed.

With a flow rate of 100 l/min. there must still be a pressure of at least 0.3 Mpa (3 bar) must be present. If the required minimum pressure cannot be achieved, a pressure boosting system according to DIN 1988-5 must be provided after consultation with the responsible water supply company or the sanitary planner.

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