Fire Alarm Technology

When a spark jumps and the chemistry is right, some substances quickly burst into flames.

It is about the fire protection of your company

Fire hazards are often underestimated in companies. It’s just a matter of luck, you haven’t recorded a fire incident yet. There is always a risk of a fire with devastating consequences – for some more, for others less. Fire loads and the risk of a technical defect can be found in different qualities and must be assessed differently for each workplace. Not only can a fire claim human life, it can also become a total economic loss for the company. Personal injury, loss of image, production downtime, delivery bottlenecks and loss of sales can mean that customers and partners are lost in the long term during the reconstruction phase. Fire protection must therefore also be anchored in strategic considerations. Measures should be found to prevent an incipient fire from becoming a major fire at an early stage. It depends on a quick detection in the fire development phase. The earlier a fire is discovered, the better it can be extinguished quickly and effectively. With an immediate alarm, both firefighting and evacuation measures can be initiated as quickly as possible.

Objectives of fire alarm technology

  • Reliable early detection of an incipient fire in order to initiate measures to prevent a major fire (damage minimization)
  • Forwarding of the fire report to the agencies providing assistance (porter, security service, in-house rescue personnel, fire brigade)
  • Automatic control of fire protection and operational equipment, e.g. opening of smoke extraction systems, closing of fire protection doors, triggering of an object extinguishing system, control of elevators
  • Clear localization of the danger area and determination of the time, for example on a display
  • Immediate alerting of the affected persons and initiation of the evacuation

Is fire alarm technology mandatory?

  • A fire alarm system can be required by the authorities under building law according to DIN 14675. But even if no technical alarm system is required by the authorities, it can be a necessity for the operator.
  • He is obliged to take suitable measures to minimize damage, which he has previously determined in a risk assessment (see also Section 5 ArbSchG). If he violates his traffic safety obligation, he may be held liable in the event of damage.
  • In addition, insurance companies also require their customers to take appropriate measures to avoid claims.
  • The identified hazards can possibly be compensated within a risk assessment by means of an alarm system.
  • Against this background, fire detection and alarm systems are also gaining in importance in the current workplace guidelines.

This is what the workplace guidelines say about fire alarm technology:

A2.2 “Measures against fire”/ 5.1 Fire detection and alarm (excerpt) “The employer must take suitable measures to ensure that employees can be warned immediately in the event of a fire and asked to leave buildings or hazardous areas…. Automatic fire detection and alarm systems are to be preferred.” ASR A2.3 “Escape routes and emergency exits, escape and rescue plan” / 6th version 10: “Prisoned rooms may only be used as work, standby, lying, first aid and break rooms if they are only used by a small number of people and if the following requirements have been observed: Ensuring that the alarm is raised in the event of danger, e.g. by an automatic fire alarm system with alarm or guaranteeing a line of sight to the neighboring room, provided that the enclosed room is not used for sleeping and there is a low risk of fire in the room in front of it.”

Your benefits of fire alarm technology from Jockel

  • TAILORED TO YOUR COMPANY Not every system is suitable for your property. We find the right system based on a detailed inventory depending on your risk (activities, inventory).
  • SERVICE We are there for you from planning and project planning to execution and commissioning. If you wish, we can also take care of maintenance and repairs so that your system will continue to function safely in the future.
  • QUALITY Our products meet DIN 14676 and DIN 14675 and are recognized by VdS. In addition, the installation is carried out by product-certified companies. Certified installation according to DIN 14675 with connection to the fire brigade is also possible.
  • SERVICE GERMANYWIDE Would you like to set up fire alarm technology at your locations throughout Germany? Thanks to our Germany-wide network, you can find a partner for this fire alarm technology in your region.
  • CUSTOMIZED YET FLEXIBE Depending on the desired scope of protection, such a technology can be installed for full protection (entire building unit) or for partial protection (partial areas) and later retrofitted at any time. Requirements and uses change. We design your system in such a modular way that you can meet the demands of tomorrow by adding, replacing or expanding further components. For us, a high level of operating comfort is also part of it.
  • MANAGEABLE INVESTMENT Thanks to modular systems, you get them at a fair price-performance ratio despite individual adjustments. Financing models are also possible. We would be happy to improve your cost situation by offering alternatives to advertised brands. On request, these can be checked by a state-approved expert.
Download Fire alarm technology brochure (PDF)

Further training to become a system specialist for fire alarm technology

Fire alarm technology is becoming more and more important for operators. On the one hand, these are increasingly recommended in the workplace guidelines (ASR A2.2 and ASR A2.3), on the other hand, the hazards determined within a risk assessment (see also Section 5 ArbSchG) can be compensated for by an alarm system. In addition, there are a large number of ordinances (e.g. BStättV and VStättV) that deal with alarm systems. Therefore, the product fire alarm technology, but also the service such as planning and project planning, assembly, commissioning, maintenance and repair, but also after sales is becoming increasingly important for fire protection companies. With our training as a system specialist for fire alarm technology, you will learn how to plan, assemble, commission and repair products from the Jockel fire alarm system range.
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