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We sell the Color Up design fire extinguisher from Jockel.

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Fires in households are not as rare as you might think. Everyone has certainly experienced a burn or a tricky situation in which the candle almost tipped over or the rolls in the oven looked more like coals than Sunday pastries. Good if it stays that way. But we can never be sure. Inattention is just one of the main causes of fire these days. Fires are often caused by technical defects. Safe is the one who quickly grabs the fire extinguisher in such a situation in order to easily fight the fire in the early stages.

The designs of the new Jockel fire extinguisher line Color Up are sometimes modern and noble or lively and provocative. But they are all the same in one thing: they protect you, your family and your home effectively in the event of a fire.

The Jockel design extinguishers are true all-round talents in the household. With fire classes A, B and F, they can be used for all common household fires and even for grease fires. Anyone who has ever stood in front of a burning pan or fryer knows how quickly cooking oil and fat can self-ignite. Now the wrong extinguishing agent, e.g. B. water, and it comes to the so-called fat explosion. Since burning fat or oil is already several hundred degrees Celsius hot, the added water evaporates immediately. This explosive vaporization throws the burning fat out of the container. With the Jockel design extinguishers you are on the safe side here too.


The following designs are currently available in several colors:

Technical data of the all-round extinguisher Color Up:
extinguishing agent
extinguishing performance
LE functional area injection time/
spray distance
2l aqueous solution 5A 34B 40F 1 -30°C to +60°C 14 sec.
6 m
358mm 130mm 4.1kg

Important NOTE:

These Jockel color-up design fire extinguishers correspond in terms of function to the red fire extinguisher F2JM5 approved according to DIN EN 3. Since design extinguishers cannot be recognized according to DIN EN3 due to the color deviation, operational use requires a special permit from the fire protection and occupational safety authorities and consideration in the risk assessment and its documentation. However, no permission is required for private use.


If you are interested, please download the brochures.

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