Residue-free deletion

Carbon dioxide extinguishers extinguish without leaving any residue. They are therefore particularly suitable for firefighting in EDP systems and for use in laboratories.

extinguishing effect

The gaseous carbon dioxide emitted is heavier than air and therefore spreads quickly from the ground over the seat of the fire. In this way, it displaces the oxygen and smothers the fire quickly and effectively. In addition, carbon dioxide has a cooling extinguishing effect. Because it leaves no residue, carbon dioxide is the cleanest extinguishing agent. Carbon dioxide is used as an extinguishing agent for class B fires.

areas of application

Eg server environments, IT systems, laboratories, medical practices

carbon dioxide line
permanent pressure extinguisher

  • Activation via lever fitting: Pull the pull safety device, press the lever down
  • Extinguishing agent dosing via switchable lever fitting
  • Snow nozzle or snow tube for large area coverage
  • Frost-proof down to -30°C
  • Weather and UV-resistant individual parts
  • Easy refill
  • Including attachment
  • Type K5AJM is totally non-magnetic and therefore ideal for areas exposed to magnetic radiation
2 LE
5 LE
2 LE
5 LE
5 LE
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mobile line

Mobile devices

  • Targeted and convenient dosing of extinguishing agent via KS ball valve
  • Flexible high-pressure hose for more mobility
  • Easy-to-use valves for triggering the extinguisher
  • Stable chassis for maximum mobility
  • Device can be operated by a single person
  • Large container opening for quick exchange of extinguishing agent
  • K20J also with safety lance to fight fires in engines and shafts
  • Frost-proof down to -20°C
  • Weather and UV-resistant individual parts
  • Economical to maintain thanks to standardized spare parts
K20J with lance
6 LE
9 LE
9 LE
9 LE
54 LE
pfeil rot 11 Data sheet Mobil line carbon dioxide
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mobile line

extinguishing container

  • High extinguishing performance, compact dimensions
  • Fit through the smallest DIN door
  • Permanent monitoring of the CO2 level using a weighing device (special equipment)
  • High quality extinguishing agent
  • Operate in just 3 steps


automatic extinguisher

  • Ideal for areas that cannot be monitored by people
  • Trigger automatically when exposed to heat
  • Brass sprinkler head
  • Refillable
  • Attention: Since there is no test standard for these devices, these devices are not approved according to EN 3.

KSA 2 57°C

KSA 5 57°C
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